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St Mary's Abbey, York - 

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St Mary's Abbey, York

If you have ever visited the York Museum Gardens in the centre of York you will have encountered the enigmatic Benedictine ruins of St Mary's Abbey (see photo below).

The picturesque abbey, located next to the Yorkshire Museum and botanical gardens, is the perfect spot for a walk or a picnic and home to lots of wildlife.

If you have ever wondered what the abbey looked like here are some screenshots from 3D artist Hannah Rice (University of York, MSc Digital Heritage and BA History of Art and Architecture) who worked on digitally visualising the abbey for her MSc dissertation.

The abbey once rivalled the York Minster in scale, and was once one of the wealthiest monasteries in the region. It was dissolved by King Henry VIII in 1539 which is how it became to be ruins today.
The project took over 200 hours of modelling time. If you would like to see more of Hannah's work, take a look at her website www.hannahbethrice.com.

All photos copyrighted to Hannah Rice. If you would like to reference these images please email Hannah at info@hannahbethrice.com


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Hannahs website and St Marys Abbey model is a great way to see how the Abbey might of looked in its full glory. Hannahs website is packed full of Historic 3D models and posts on gaming and architecture.
2014-12-31 04:45:27

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