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About Discover York & Yorkshire

All you need to know about our discover York page and why we set it up.

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Was created by myself after spending a few years living in the city centre of York itself. I feel that there is a lot that York and Yorkshire has to offer including some fantastic sites, attractions and some lovely people. This web site is free to use and is full of positive information about the great tourist attractions, businesses and fun days out.

So why York?

Having lived there I found some fantastic little gems that the average tourist might not know about so I felt it would be best to share them. There's also small businesses that normally wouldn't get a look in with regards to advertising and it's a share as, especially in York, it's the small businesses that go that extra mile and give a unique dimension the the tourists experience.

Your Help

There is only so much I can put up here myself and I urge people to get in touch and get involved!
This is a great opportunity to get your business some free advertising so please drop me a message. Maybe you have a suggestion for the web site or a new attraction you think would be worth reviewing or maybe you know of an awesome deal that could go in our Freebies page? The more content on Discover York the better it will be for the viewer and in-turn your business and/or area.


I remember going on short breaks as a kid to the Yorkshire Dales and as I grew up biking and trekking across the Wolds, it's a wonderful place and some areas have a lot to offer but they are either forgotten or misunderstood. Owning my own business I know how important it is to have a joined community and be proud of the area you live in and come from. Not only to make money but to have a better quality of life in general. Having support from others and from the people who come to visit can mean a lot for an area and I'm sure I can speak for most people in Yorkshire when I say we are certainly proud of where we are all from and live.